Greetings traveler!

Welcome to the gates of Wentus-Castrum, the capitol of the Duchy of Wessex. By following the signpost-links to your left you will be taken on a tour of our home and will learn about our key principles, our ambitions as a gaming community, how we implement our structure and what differentiates us from other guilds and clans.

We provide our members with an online gaming experience completely immersive and wholly unique. We draw our strength from a communal vision to create a guild structure that functions as a historical government from our real world might. This structure not only imparts a technical organization and efficiency that will give us an advantage in the competitive aspect of the games we engage in, but also to support something wholly contiguous with and supportive of the world we project ourselves into.

When you join the Duchy of Wessex it will be akin to stepping into an epic medieval movie. With the fully developed institutions of the government in place our members are able to explore and pursue careers in various avenues of medieval kingdom life, and when war happens, it will feel like a true conflict between nations.

Our current focus is the game "Life Is Feudal". To quote His Majesty

    Truly, the game is the ideal that must have been in mind when Miles Aeneas and I first devised a "feudal" clan on a napkin at a Chinese buffet. Everything that we dreamed for our game experience but which was relegated to wink-wink roleplay will now truly be a part of it: Noble and knightly court subinfeudation, advantageous battle formations, magicless combat, and more. Even the "Lumen Solis Victrix" motto that we used to only "declare" was on our coinage will now truly be able to appear on minted Hyperion coins.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more then please follow the link to our forum. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ellison Montjoy,
Court Herald to His Majesty, King Manus Dei of Hyperion, Duke of Wessex